Thursday, October 23, 2014

The most important question a boy can ask...

The proposal...

My family was getting ready for our week long Sunriver vacation, it also happened to be Luke's 29th birthday. We were all carpooling (15-20 family members) and in our car we decided to take my little cousin's Carson and Vinnie with us to make our ride a little more eventful :). As we were driving I remember Luke being super focused and not really chatting that much. I kept asking him if everything was OK, and doubting myself that I didn't do enough for his birthday and maybe that's why he was acting bummed out. As we pulled into Sunriver, the house wasn't ready for us quiet yet so we decided to take the WHOLE gang to the swimming pool next to the golf course. We were all getting ready to head in and Luke let me know that he wasn't in the mood to swim and that he wanted to hang at the bar at the club house with my dad... WEIRD! Why doesn't he want to be with me? It was his birthday and all so I decided to let him do what he wanted, even though he knew I was pretty annoyed. So after awhile laying in the sun, I got these super cute texts from Luke saying that he could see me from that bar and how in love he was, ya  know, all that mushy talk. He then comes to the pool to let me know we were able to unload our stuff into the house and that he wanted me to stay and have fun at the pool with the girls and he'll handle the rest of the unpacking with my dad and Uncle Sean. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! He's ditching me left and right! I guess you could say that I was more than annoyed at this point. So after a couple of hours the girls left to the house. Dinner was getting prepared and we were all enjoying each others company. After dinner had ended, Luke and I were sitting outside with the family- he leans in and asks if I wanted to go on a bike ride with just the two of us since he hadn't really spent much time with me on his birthday, of course I jumped at the chance....!
(Pic above: Just getting to Sunriver)

Sunriver is filled with amazing bike paths everywhere, so Luke decided to take me on the route next to the river. We stopped at this bench that overlooked the river with the sun beginning to set. It was beautiful... Then, all of a sudden, we were seriously being attacked by the meanest mosquito's. We were hitting them off of each other with blood splattering everywhere. We thought it was actually pretty funny, but the brat in me wanted to leave and go somewhere else because I was tired of getting eaten alive. At this point I am still SOOOOO clueless as to what his plan was. He was dragging it out and not jumping on his bike as quick as I was. After some persuading we left and got on the path again. As we were riding, we saw a few deer by these tennis courts where they had picnic tables set up so we thought we'd go sit down there, away from the water and mosquito's. Luke tried feeding the deer as I sat at the table. We then starting talking about the day and what not then all of a sudden I look over at him and there it is... a BEAUTIFUL SPARKLY RING! I was awe struck! He then pulled me away from the table and got down on his knee and said the most precious words that I only wish he would have recorded for me and then he popped the question. Will you marry me and become my wife?

The answer was YES, of course! I can't explain to you how surprised I was! We had talked about getting engaged at some point, but I definitely didn't think it would happen this soon and on HIS birthday! One of the best parts of the night other than the events leading up to the proposal and the actual proposal was walking into the house filled with all my family cheering and yelling in excitement over our engagement. It was beyond perfect and every time I think of our engagement I have the biggest grin on my face. It's just our luck to have blood sucking mosquito's to set the mood for the evening of one of the best days of my life...
(Pic above: Right after the question was popped)

After talking to Luke he let me know the real reason behind being so quiet earlier that day and being with my dad so much. He for one was so nervous and two he was asking for my dad's approval. Presh. I guess weeks before he had had a heart to heart with my mom as well and she was in on all of this engagement planning. Awe. One of the best days of my life. Gosh, now I have tears coming down my face.

Well that's my engagement story. The most perfect August 13th of my life.

The end.

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