Thursday, October 23, 2014

The most important question a boy can ask...

The proposal...

My family was getting ready for our week long Sunriver vacation, it also happened to be Luke's 29th birthday. We were all carpooling (15-20 family members) and in our car we decided to take my little cousin's Carson and Vinnie with us to make our ride a little more eventful :). As we were driving I remember Luke being super focused and not really chatting that much. I kept asking him if everything was OK, and doubting myself that I didn't do enough for his birthday and maybe that's why he was acting bummed out. As we pulled into Sunriver, the house wasn't ready for us quiet yet so we decided to take the WHOLE gang to the swimming pool next to the golf course. We were all getting ready to head in and Luke let me know that he wasn't in the mood to swim and that he wanted to hang at the bar at the club house with my dad... WEIRD! Why doesn't he want to be with me? It was his birthday and all so I decided to let him do what he wanted, even though he knew I was pretty annoyed. So after awhile laying in the sun, I got these super cute texts from Luke saying that he could see me from that bar and how in love he was, ya  know, all that mushy talk. He then comes to the pool to let me know we were able to unload our stuff into the house and that he wanted me to stay and have fun at the pool with the girls and he'll handle the rest of the unpacking with my dad and Uncle Sean. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! He's ditching me left and right! I guess you could say that I was more than annoyed at this point. So after a couple of hours the girls left to the house. Dinner was getting prepared and we were all enjoying each others company. After dinner had ended, Luke and I were sitting outside with the family- he leans in and asks if I wanted to go on a bike ride with just the two of us since he hadn't really spent much time with me on his birthday, of course I jumped at the chance....!
(Pic above: Just getting to Sunriver)

Sunriver is filled with amazing bike paths everywhere, so Luke decided to take me on the route next to the river. We stopped at this bench that overlooked the river with the sun beginning to set. It was beautiful... Then, all of a sudden, we were seriously being attacked by the meanest mosquito's. We were hitting them off of each other with blood splattering everywhere. We thought it was actually pretty funny, but the brat in me wanted to leave and go somewhere else because I was tired of getting eaten alive. At this point I am still SOOOOO clueless as to what his plan was. He was dragging it out and not jumping on his bike as quick as I was. After some persuading we left and got on the path again. As we were riding, we saw a few deer by these tennis courts where they had picnic tables set up so we thought we'd go sit down there, away from the water and mosquito's. Luke tried feeding the deer as I sat at the table. We then starting talking about the day and what not then all of a sudden I look over at him and there it is... a BEAUTIFUL SPARKLY RING! I was awe struck! He then pulled me away from the table and got down on his knee and said the most precious words that I only wish he would have recorded for me and then he popped the question. Will you marry me and become my wife?

The answer was YES, of course! I can't explain to you how surprised I was! We had talked about getting engaged at some point, but I definitely didn't think it would happen this soon and on HIS birthday! One of the best parts of the night other than the events leading up to the proposal and the actual proposal was walking into the house filled with all my family cheering and yelling in excitement over our engagement. It was beyond perfect and every time I think of our engagement I have the biggest grin on my face. It's just our luck to have blood sucking mosquito's to set the mood for the evening of one of the best days of my life...
(Pic above: Right after the question was popped)

After talking to Luke he let me know the real reason behind being so quiet earlier that day and being with my dad so much. He for one was so nervous and two he was asking for my dad's approval. Presh. I guess weeks before he had had a heart to heart with my mom as well and she was in on all of this engagement planning. Awe. One of the best days of my life. Gosh, now I have tears coming down my face.

Well that's my engagement story. The most perfect August 13th of my life.

The end.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Whitney... ALMOST... Harris!


My dream of finding the Love of my life finally came true. Let's start from the beginning...

I play on a women's volleyball team and for the past year, we had a lovely lady named Kelly join the team. :)  We saw each other weekly, had our little chit chats, nothing too crazy, but little did I know this girl had a something sneaky up her sleeve... :) After the season had ended I hadn't talk to her in some time. I got a text from her on a Friday afternoon. Yep, I remember it all so clearly. She asked if I were single... I remember instantly getting such a good feeling about this... She hadn't explained anything to me as to why she was wondering, but I remember clear as day that something good was going to come out of this... If i recall my exact words were... SINGLE AS THEY COME...! She then told me that she has this super cute brother in law that is single as well... And that she wanted to get my permission to talk to him about me first... Sweet Kelly :) Being that I had this super good feeling, I told her to talk to him ASAP! \

So a week or so had passed and I hadn't heard from this mysterious boy, I then talk to Kelly and she said that he had a rough past with the ladies and is scared to jump into something... So I told her to give me his dang number and Ill "man" up and do it! (totally not something I would usually do) So I texted this boy on Saturday... he took forever to responded... talk about nervous and thinking my good feeling was a total BOMB... HE FINALLY TEXTED! YIPPPEEE! We texted back and fourth for awhile then said our good nights... The next day, I was stubborn and didnt text (neither did he...punk :)) Then that Monday I texted again... I swear I'm usually never this persistent with a boy... we talked again... slowly getting more out of him... Tuesday came, no talking... At this point, I was giving up hope... another one down the drain... UNTIL!!!! Wednesday bright and early I got a message from LUKE! :) From then on out we did/have not stopped talking... We decided to meet that Saturday... I was seriously dying to see this sweet boy in the flesh. Saturday came and we decided it would be fun if he came over to hang out with my roommates and I. More people to make it less awkward this first time around, ya know? Can I just tell you that the moment he walked through that door, I knew he would be my husband. I always thought that was such a corny thing when people would say that, but now I believe with my whole heart when you meet the man of your dreams you just know... That evening we played games, laughed a ton, then decided to go dancing... That boy can shake it on down! Such a turn on when a guy isn't afraid to grab a girl and dance! Points to Luke. That next week at work the little charmer sent me a beautiful boutique of flowers... Double points to Luke... Then we went to Dinner for this first time that week... The convo didn't stop. It was the most comfortable date in the world. awww, I'm totally smiling at the computer screen as I type this! That same week he dropped a bomb that he wanted me to meet his parents... MEET YOUR PARENTS AFTER A WEEK OF HANGING OUT?! yikes! Talk about pressure to impress! Apparently that was a huge deal to meet the parents soooo soon because that is not a typical Luke move from what Kelly and his mom have now told me :) So yes, I met the parents... Sweetest people in the world. Seriously, I feel so blessed...! I swear to you... I have not met or been with a more caring, loving, sweet, emotional, and giving man in my life. He makes me feel safe, loved, and the most important person in this world. Its so amazing how easy everything has been with Luke. It just feels so right. :))) He hit it right off with my family... At times I think my parents love him more than me ;)

Flowers from the boy!


Wanna hear the BEST news yet??????!!!!

I'M ENGAGED!!!!!! EEEEEEEKKKK!!!! That story is on its way! :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mr. Cruz Avery

We have had some pleasant changes to our family! My older sister gave birth to the most handsome,  chubby, happy, little boy the world has ever seen. Maybe I am a little bias because he is my first Nephew, but he is seriously the best baby in the world! I have to say when we found out she was pregnant it was a little bit of a shock, but now that he is here, I cant imagine it being any other way. I also need to add that Hayley is such a natural when it comes to being mommy. Its so tender seeing her and Cruzy together, it melts my little heart. :)

All I have to say is that I LOVE YOU Cruz Avery, more than you will ever know.
<3 Auntie Whitty

PS Get ready for a MAJOR picture OVERLOAD!

 Gigi, My mom, hay, and Cruz

Cruzy snuggles are the best!

Cruz already has Grandpa wrapped around his finger!

New Grandparents! They are eating him up!


Saturday, October 8, 2011


I am finally living with someone who appreciates fall decorations just as much as me! We spent last weekend crafting all day long making these signs and my BOO pumpkins, which are my very fav! I know I have alot to learn in the crafty department, but it was fun to do something! :) We plan to add a few more things like corn husks to make it a little more fally, (i like to make up my own words).


semi complete front porch.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Finally- Fall is here!!!

 Fall is here! Call me crazy, but I have been waiting for the temperatures to drop and a little rain to come... Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE THE SUN but there is something about Fall that I cant get enough of... Maybe its the fact that all the new shows are on (my DVR is completely full of recordings BTW- New Favs *Revenge* & *PAN AM*watch them PLEASE) or how pretty the leaves are and the fact that I love ANYTHING pumpkin!

(My pretty drive to the coast, probably not the safest thing to do... oops!)

This weekend the Jones family along with my family went to the coast! I got there a day later because I had to work, so I had to drive by my lonesome, while I was missing they spent their time crabbing and going to Old town and shopped around. When I got there we stopped and got some frozen yogurt and now all I can think about is this Oatmeal Chocolate flavor. OMG SOO GOOD!  Then we went to Mass, cracked open some crab (which I did NOT touch, I HATE SEAFOOD) and watched the Ducks beat Arizona! :) Woop Woop! The weather was so windy and wet all night long! It was the best! It was a great little getaway, and I seriously love that we are just hours away from the coast!

These are my buddies, the cutest and funniest little cousins. We had a lot of fun together!

Friday, September 23, 2011

you gotta take the good with the bad, smile with the sad...

WOW! I have been away from the blogging world for almost exactly 2 months! Lets see if I can get all of you up to date on the High's and Low's of the past couple months!

Summer was great! Although it seems as though our summer here in Oregon is finally getting started. I'm pretty sure we are having our highest temperatures in the month of September! Its driving me nuts, all I want is crisp cool air and leaves on the ground! ANYWAY! Our last adventure for the summer was to our all time favorite campground, Loon Lake. Oh man, that place is Heaven on Earth. Not kidding. We had the best 7 days there. The weather was HOT and I think I got my tannest ever that week. Its a sandy beach that's in a little cove and it always seems to be sooo warm, even with it being so close to the coast. We spent our days laying out on the blow up Relaxation Station, building Sand Castles, playing beach volleyball, laying on the beach at night looking for shooting stars, and telling remember-whens around our big campfire and laughing hysterically... It was the seriously the best 7 days to get away, be cell phone free, and be with the people I love most!

There was a turn of events when we made our way into town. We got a call saying my Grandpa Wayne wasn't doing well and that they didn't see him making it much longer. My Grandpa Wayne has been in and out of the hospital for a year now battling issue with the 1/2 of one kidney that he had remaining after he survived kidney Cancer. What he had left of a kidney was not working. He had other health issue that was making his over all health not so good to put it lightly. My family had spent countless hours at the hospital with him and my grandma, trying to comfort as best we could. After the Doctors told us there wasn't much more they could do for him (he was not a candidate for dialysis) my grandma, my dad, along with his brothers decided to take him to the comfort of his home for his last few weeks... or days of his life...

When I got the call I knew I needed to be there for my family. I was so nervous. I kept praying that he wouldn't pass when I was there with my family by his side. I thought there is no way I could handle something like this. When I got there, he was sleeping so peacefully. As I held his warm hand I whispered some words into his ear knowing this might be the last time I would be able to speak to him... I hope he heard. After we spent quiet some time in there, we all went outside for some fresh air. We saw the hospice worker waving her arms for us to come in, and as we rushed in there, he had left us. With so much sadness I also felt so much peace. Its almost as if he knew we had all left the room. He was the type of man that didn't like to show weakness or any vulnerability whatsoever. All I could think of was my poor Grandma. After 56 years of marriage she has lost her best friend and the love of her life. It breaks my heart more than anything. So for the time being she isn't ready to be on her own yet so she is splitting her time between my parents and my Uncle's and their families. Life is hard sometimes, but I know everyone has a purpose and something great awaits us all, here on Earth isn't the end. I love you Grandpa Wayne, I cant wait until I see you again.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mr. Dewey Allen

Well we made it home from our trip to Sunriver. Not on a happy note, but on a sad note. Not because our vacation was over or the fact that it rained off and on the last two days of vacation, but because we had to say goodbye to our little love bug, Dewey. I still cant even believe he is gone. Cameron (brother) and Sarah (his girlfriend) left Sunday afternoon. The rest of us went on our merry way going on a long bike ride to the park, laughing, joking, and having the best time. We made it home and got a phone call from Cameron saying Dewey was sick. Really sick. He said that Dew had black tar like stuff on his paws and around his bottom, and that he tried to get him to drink water and after he was done he just lay helpless in the bowl of water. It being Sunday and our normal veterinarian was closed  my dad told him to take Dew to the Emergency Vet right away. If you guys don't already know, our dogs mean the world to us. They have helped us all get through so many major trials in our lives and are always there to comfort us, so when something like this happens we lose ourselves. About 15 minutes later we get a call from a tearful Cameron telling us that Dewey was in horrible shape and that the vet said without a blood transfusion they didn't see him making it through the night, and even with the transfusion they couldn't guarantee anything either. They said is most likely was cancer and something had burst in his stomach making it happen so sudden, and that's where all the black tar like stuff was coming from. He was bleeding internally. I felt so helpless. We were stuck in Sunriver, unable to say goodbye to our Dewbug. Even if we rushed home with a two hour drive ahead of us, they said that it would be too long for Dewey to endure waiting for our goodbyes. I had Cameron put the phone up to Dewey's ear so I could say Goodbye and that i loved him so much. Sarah said he perked up when he heard me and was trying to look around. That made me feel good and horrible at the same time. I wanted to kiss him and hug him one last time. I got robbed. I miss him. Dewey was a one of a kind dog. I look at pictures and can only think of how sweet and lovable he was. Like when I would scratch his back and seconds let he would jump up and lick my face telling me to not stop. Or him being my cuddle bug every night when I lived at home. Or his pony tails. He was the only male dog that could rock a pony. Or his little snorts. His howls between him and our other dog Simon. How he loved to sunbathe. Or how he would sit like a little prairie dog when he would want a "scooby snack". How he was known as the little star wars "Ewok" dog. I. MISS. EVERYTHING. Of course he was slowing down, he was 10 years old, but he still had fire in him. The day we left he was rolling around on the floor with his stuffed animal acting like a puppy. Such a shock. One thing I am comforted with is that before I left for Sunriver I picked him up like I always did and gave him a few big hugs and kisses. Yes, we still have Tyson and Simon left, but you definitely know Dewey is gone and so do both dogs. I know it will get better and Ill stop crying everyday, but for right now I am sad, really sad. Seeing is toys, collar, and his paw print kill me every time I see them. But I need to remember that while all this sucks, I had 10 great years with Dewey and that cancels out all this sadness I am feeling now. Dew will never be replaced or forgotten. I love you my little Dew bug.

Sorry if I sound like a crazy dog freak, but this little guy melts my heart.